Yoga with Ashlyn


Ashlyn is not currently sharing yoga at any studios. Check back soon for where she partners next!

Until then, support your local studios and yoga teachers by taking a few classes with them!


Ashlyn has been practicing yoga for over 10 years, but experienced a deep dive into healing with yoga in 2017. She provides insight to emotion regulation by bridging the mind/body connection. Ashlyn understands the challenges of living with mental health issues, and her mission is to create a space for people to tune into self-care, and improve their physical and mental endurance on the yoga mat, so they can continue to find balance off the mat.

Ashlyn also firmly believes that yoga is for every body.  Body positivity is high upon Ashlyn's list criteria for Self Love.  We can not show up to life with a body that we don't have, so lets work with what we do have.  We are all different ages, backgrounds, genders (or genderless), melanin densities, heights, and weights.  AND we've all been shaped differently by life; genetics, injuries, stress- these all impact our physical bodies. Yoga means union, let's join our body and mind together in union, along with each other.

 Regardless if you're new to yoga and/or Ashlyn's class, or you are already familiar to the practice, 


White Face Mountain, Wilmington NY

Cadillac Mountain, Acadia Nation Park, ME

Stratton Mountain, Stratton VT


Ashlyn completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Lori Scott Yoga School in June 2021 and is registered with Yoga Alliance.  She also holds certifications in Meditation, Chakra Balancing, and Restorative Yoga, and CPR.  In October 2021 she completed a level 1-5 Healer Training with David Elliot. In 2022 Ashlyn received her reiki training in the first degree of Reiki healing with Pat Iyer. Ashlyn continues learning everyday to continue in her own healing path, as well as build strong roots to guide you through yours.