What to Expect

Breathwork is an Individual Experience

Before the breathing begins we will set intentions surrounding the work and goals of the breath.  This allows your body to drop into a space of intentionally working with and clearing the energy that is taking up space in your body and mind.

There will be a short demonstration of the breath, and then about 30 minutes of active breathing.  During the active breath, Ashlyn will play a cultivated musical play list, to help lower your guard, and tap into your emotions.  We will also use affirmations to help refuel the energy that you're displacing.

As we are asking our body to take in more oxygen, physical sensations typically occur. This can feel like vibrations in your hands, feet, lips, eyes- or any other part of your body that's being activated.  If you are having these sensations, that is great news and par for the course! If at any point these sensations become uncomfortable, coming back to your regular breathing pattern will help restore your physical sensations.

  Ashlyn will be working with sacred plants and essential oils to aid in clearing our space, and your channels.  You will have an opportunity to let Ashlyn know if you wish to not have oils on your body. During the practice, Ashlyn will also use Reiki healing to assist your energy flow and release. 

At the end of the Active breath, there is a 15 minute integration period. Initially, we stay laying down, allowing our mind to reconnect with our body, and allow time for any physical sensations to fade away. About 10 minutes in we start to bring gentle movement in, rolling to one side, or bending through the knees to ground the feet. We will leave time to share experiences together.

There is a wide range of experiences as the energy channels open.  When you show up for yourself, that is where the medicine happens.  Some people drop into a deep meditative state, and some people have emotional releases and cry. There is no right or wrong outcome for Breathwork.    

What to Bring and Wear

Yoga clothes or loose, layered, comfortable clothing is the best to wear (think cozy yoga!). You will need to bring water, a yoga mat, and at least one light blanket (two if you’d like to line your mat with one).  Optional to bring a light eye mask or small towel for the eyes, or chapstick to apply before the breath so the mouth doesn't dry out.  A journal to jot thoughts after breathing may be beneficial to you as well.