Soul Shine Yogini

Welcome! My name is Ashlyn, but you can find me on social media as Soul Shine Yogini. 

I guide Breathwork sessions, yoga classes, and reiki healing, with a goal of helping you to connect with yourself in a deeper way.  I believe that breath is a muscle of medicine, and with practice your breath can help physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ground you.

Let's work together, to break down barriers and belief systems, to get your soul to shine as bright as it was intended to. 

Let's work together to strengthen all of you. 


Breathwork is an active meditation technique, and a fast track journey to healing emotional energies that are stored in our body.

Mindful flows to integrate breath, body, mind, and soul 


Full Moon Breathwork and Reiki for Realeasing

Friday 12/29 6-8 pm at Open Doors in Braintree

$30 for early registration, complete sign up by 12/26 to grab this deal!